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Alcohol in Iran: All You Need to Know ! wakago.com.ng

As you may already know, Iran’s official religion is Islam; therefore, according to the law, alcoholic drinks cannot be produced or sold in the country which means there are also no liquor stores, bars or nightclubs in Iran. But, if that doesn’t change your plans of traveling to Iran, here are some things you need to know. Read all you need to know about alcohol in Iran.

Is alcohol legal in Iran?

Just as mentioned above, using, selling, or buying alcohol is basically illegal for anyone within the borders. So, heads-up! Being caught drunk or while drinking alcohol, or even carrying alcoholic drinks will bring about certain punishments.

Drinking Alcohol in illegal in Iran

Drinking Alcohol in illegal in Iran

I don’t think it’s much of a surprise to know that despite the absence of alcoholic drink factories, nightclubs, and bars in Iran, there are still some illegal sources producing and selling alcohol, most of which are actually made by people behind closed doors. But, my suggestion is to stay away from such drinks (if they are by any chance offered to you) because despite the trouble it could get you in, it could cause some very serious health issues.

Alcohol in Iran

So, do they serve drinks in hotels?

I guess it’s clear by now that the answer is a NO. But the question is worth mentioning as there is a myth roaming around that serving alcoholic drinks is legal in the hotels. Forget about it; there’s no such a law.

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Is it unlawful to even carry alcohol?

The answer is YES. You should also know that bringing alcohol into Iran is illegal as well. So, if you have packed any kind of alcoholic drinks in your suitcase, guess it is the time when you need to unpack them right away.

Alcohol in Iran

The drinking age in Iran

Well, since the use and production of alcohol are both illegal then it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to know that there is no “ Drinking Age” in Iran. So no matter how old a person is they can’t drink alcohol in this country.

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Alcohol in banned in Iran

Alcohol in banned in Iran

Alcohol in Iran for tourists

Alcohol in Iran is illegal for tourists just as it is for anyone else. And it is not sold or served in cafes, restaurants, and hotels or anywhere else around the country.

Tourists can not drink alcohol in Iran

Tourists can not drink alcohol in Iran

Should I still plan to visit Iran?

The answer is a big YES. Don’t get disappointed by what you just read; it is a beautiful enchanting place full of things to take in, from its beautiful nature to its historical places and not to mention the amazing food. Honestly, you’ll be so busy having fun that you’ll barely even have the time to think about drinking. After all, there are fruit-flavored non-alcoholic beers found in every shop and café which taste surprisingly good.

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Prohibition of alcohol consumption in Iran

Prohibition of alcohol consumption in Iran

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Can you drink alcohol in Iran?

As mentioned, using, selling, or buying alcohol is basically illegal for anyone within the borders.

Is alcohol banned in Iran?

Yes, Alcohol is banned for Muslim citizens of Iran.

Do Iranian hotels serve alcohol?

Since drinking alcohol is illegal in Iran, hotels are not allowed to serve it.

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